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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 11

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I.KGAL NOTiCrs. PIT TSI5TJKG i i iiiiii hi in i i urn i i mm ummv i ml i i mi mim i i -i in i mm i i hi mn .1 HW WiW ii. miM Wto. Wila Mi inn! nirwwiw Hw ifi a I i Lots. Loin.

Horsr anJ" Vehicle. YOU WILL NEED MONEY FOR THE "GLORIOUS FOURTH" GET IT HERE AT 6 PER CENT PUBLIC SALE Kotice- is hereby' fiven that, pursuant to order of coiri of com men plea No. 3 of Allegheny com my, at No. August term. 13j7.

there will re by Public Vendue At our warehouse, Offlce cf Rea! Ks'at Trust Company of PiiLs-fcurgh, 311 Fourth ave. Pitts-burgh. S. iCK-T. PlvTDEXD The directors cf this bank have this any declared trie reariisr ouartcrly of TWO AND ONE-HALF 2U) FETl CENT on the capital stock out of tbe past'r' earnings, payabie July 1.

lfffl, to i record on June -5, 17. The transfer boohs 'M be c.iu5fd June 25rh to Jurje 9th. both days inclusive. Checka will bo mailed, E. K.


By virtue of a judgment end tit tii above-styled action, the umlersla tied Srecial Commispiener will expose at public ai tt the highest and best bidder, at the ecrt bouse door in Lexington. Fayette County, Kentucky on the 1 8th Day of July, 1907, at about the hour of noon, on a credit of twelve and eighteen months for euual irtstiU-mept5 of purr-base money, the following de- scribed pro)erty: That tract or parod cf land lying i.i Cur--, ter Couuty. Kentucky, oa the Chvsapiaii' Ohio Railroad, containing about 11,000 acres and known as the Lexington Carter County Mining Company property in Carter County, Kentucky. Inscription by metes and bounds cf land given In the judgment entered in ihe above-styied action of record therein. For further information to said land or description thereof address MORTON VEER WILSON, or FALCONER FALCONER, Attorneys, or undersigned -as Spe-Uai Cons re, at I.exingt-.ui, Kentucky, or THaO-BAI fc THEOBALD, Attorneys.

Cays-u, KentTioky. ll. 73. ROSS. Special :orr.r;iSssioner.

SACHS IIRSHfTelTJ Attorneys-at-lAi" 620 Frick Buildirg, Pi. Coort cf common picas No. 4. Allegheny county, ss: State of Pennsylvania. Notita is hereby iven that, an application will be made to ea court No.

Third term, 1307, on Baturdiy, the 2jih day of July. 1107. at 10 o'clock a by Abtahaui Ilirsch. 1. baekln, Paul Klrscb.

Samuel Goldstein, Jacob Spite, Bitnctt Mye.r Roer-nUooin, Joseph others, under the act of assembly, entitled "Art act to provide fur the incorporation a.d retruisitlon of certain corporations." approcej Ai.rii 2S. 1S71. and the thereto, for tha charter of an intended coirora U-n to be caluvl "Beth Israel 3or4regjUoa cf Allegheny, the c'laracter and object of which Is to establish, support and rca-matn a synagogue for the worship of Almi-hty God c.ccoratng to the faith, usages and doctrines of the Orthodox Jewish church, and for these purpose to hae, possess and enjoy all the benefits and ptivl-leges of said act of assembly, and suprlewf ntj The above application Is no on rHe in the prothouotary's otfic-e. Sachs Hit-sit-iield, solicitors. R.

R. Attorney-at-Law. Ko. 433 Fifth avenue. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Notice 1s hereby given that or. application will be made to the governor of Pennsylvania on Monday, the 13th day of July, 1907, by S. M. Thompson. Charles A.

Miles ar.d Thomas S. Stnith, andcr the act of assembly entitled "An act to provide fertile incorporation and regulation of crrtrtn corporations," approved April 29, 1S74, and ine supplements thereto, for the charter of ar. Intended corporation to me called 'The 1'hompson Miles Company," the character and object of which Is bpvjr.g. selling oeallng in hardware, pipe, loedng end heating supplies; the carrying on of geoerrd hardware, roofing and heating ani for these purr-oses to have, possess and eniov ''ROSEBURG" THE BEST IN BELLEVUE Best, Why? Because in the center of town and restricted. Are vvc sure it is the best? Yes.

Do people believe it! Well, we -have cold 51 lots out of (94) while wc were getting the streets paved and sidewalks laid. Pretty good evidence of the property's merits. Fifteen houses built during the time by bona-fide owners of lots and rot by the company. One house cost $27,000.00. Minimum price of a house, $5,000.00.

Twenty foot building line, water, gas, sewers connected clear in to lot line. No lorn-up streets. Price range from $55 to $70 per front foot. 10 cash payment required. Balance in one year.

Sufficient time to build a house or make a turn in the advancing values. Only 43 lots left. Each 40x120 and no farther than two squares from four lines of street Get off cars at Lincoln and Myrtle Avenues, or Lincoln and Euclid. ROSEBURG LAND COMPANY SQUIRES CARRIAGECO. 510-512 DUQUESNE WAY.


Rebecca anci Sturgeon Allegheny, has about SCO horses, mares and mule tor sale; right ot.t of hard Tvork: asra 6 8 years; velg-ht to 1,700 rounds; fotis drivers and some mares in foal. This Is chance for a bargain, aa no reasonable offer win bo refused. TAKE REBECCA ST. CAR. 1SS9 Cedar, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

On and after J'aiy 1 w-3 -will make our heai-quarters vlch ths The Asher Horse Mule wh-r? ws car. be found at all times -itl our usuai larga run of horses in ail classes. McGONlGAL FIRST AVE. FOR SAL.K Chep, one gnoi horse, rur.aK.'Ut ajil harness. I6i Frankstc-vii av-e Call Sunday morning-.

For Sale Shetland ponies, city brok. Charlt.i J. Wotfe, Pa. iscellaueous. ron SALE.

2 Derricks, ronrcteij. Electric celling fans. blades. 1 Peerless desk fan. 1 Crescent desk fan For particulars -apply to UNION AMiiRICAX CIGAR 1411 Fremont Allegheny.

FOR SALE New s'vsd second -hand tniiard and pool tables, bar 2xturt of all kinds; eaay payments; for catalogue. Bruiawiclt-Ballcs-Coliancler. f) Wood st. PARLOR FURNITURE recovered at your Estimates furnished. Addres Up-holftorer, 28 Sbaron Plttsburgli.

HANDSOME oak bed Davenport ar.d rocker. leather, brand new; tell at sacrifice. AS-ciis 94. The Gazette SODA FOUNTAINS Second-hand; ftm-class condition; alo new fountains, fixture and supplies. 10S Market st.

FOR SALE Fancy second-hand garments for ladles and gentlemen. J. Wald, JS41 "VVeiiSter pi (rate hou; no Jtisns. SLOT MA CHIN ll des-rfptions bought! sold, repaired or exchanged. FISHER, 424 Second fourth fiCK-r.

SHOWCASES Bargains. Geo. A. 1324 Bessemer building. FJi tsburgh.

4.R FIXTtJRESrash. regTsters! billiard tables. Delp s. Fourth and FCALES Second-hand, all sizes. "The Standard." 243 Water st.

FOR SALE Complete outflt. Address Ocar K'ter, Pa. PROPOSALS. Cornopolis. June 1507.

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals win be received by Aivar C- Curdy, president of -council of the tnrough of until 3 p. July 1, 1007, for the construction of sewers on the following streets: Seventh avenue from Mali street to Wood street Fifth avenue (under sidewalk on south side) from Locust street to tertn'nus of sewer alreadv constructed on Walt street: Fenee street from Ridge avenue to Vance avenue; Fourth avenue from Ferree street to Arch street; Main street from Highland are- huh to a point 7Cv ffct tners or Jess south cf Faid Highland avenue; Montour street from Ridge avenutt tc 'ance avenue, and thence i sl.rir Vsrcfi avpni trt Wn- strp Ani for the construction of concreie sidewalks on various streets in the borough cf Coraopolis Council reserves the Chht to reject any or all bids. Plans and specifications for the same can- be se-n at the office of the borough engineers, Edeburn, Cxiper 410 Grant street, Pittsburgh, or at the of flee of the borough clerk. Mill street, Coraopolis, NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will be received hy the town council of Butler borough.

at 8 o'clock p. tn. of Tuesday. July 2. 107.

for the grading, curbing snd paving of Center aver.ue from the oisd cT the said street as et present paved to the borough line. Also for the grading, curbing- and paving of McCool avenue from the West Fide of Upper Shore street to a point 73 feet west of P.f-ckert avenue. All work to be done according to the plans F.nd specifications on file at the office of the borsugh engineer. Blanks for bidding and ppeeifi ationd for th. work can be had at the office of the borough engineer.

A certified check in the sum of one hundred dcliar to accompany the proposal for eech cf said streets. Council reserves th.3 right to reject any or all bids. y. E. COULTER.

Secretary Council. PROPOSALS FOR STEAM SHOVELS, unlcad-er plows, push und hand cars, car repiacra, jacks, rail benders, track tools, picks, shoveis, tool handles, wheelbarrows, track torpodots, lantern clobes, pails, iron pipe and fit -tlrfc-s, bibbs, gauge cocks, oskum. oakum felt, steel wool, watchman's watches, ice rhests. etc. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the general purchasing officer, Ipthmian canal comruission Washington, D.

ur.tii a. July :6, 1907, at which time they will he opened in public, for furnishing the articles. Blanks and general information relating to this Circular (So. 374) may be obtained from this of) ice or the offices of the assistant purchasing eg-nts. 24 State street, New York city; custom house.

New P.iso from chief ouarterjoaster, 'Chicago; depot quirtcmiaster, St. Louis; depKt quartermaster, JeiYeysonvlile, and chief quart emiaster. Atlanta, Ga. D. W.

Ross, geneial purchasing cCicer. BIDS will be received for cord f-r the yeve.ral buildings In the Twenty-Ciird ward. Peebles sub-district schools. Pittsbnrgh. by the secretary cf the board until noon.

August 1, 1907. Bidders will specify price per bushel for each butldUnf, and also average pi ice po.r for all of toe hulidir.irs, fcr nut. lump, forked and run of mine coal, respectively. All coal must he wefjlif i on citv xcaies. G.

C. Mc.lVit.LIAM 3. KecretatT. 4 Genesta street. Twenty-third ward.

PROPOSALS The State Institution for Fecble-Minded of Western Pennsylvania, Poik, will receive proposals for furnishlns butter and meat for the quarter beginning Jidv 15. 1S07. Specifications and forms for ir.afc!r.g proposals may be obtained from J. M. Murdoch, superintendent.

Polk, Pa. Bids will be received until 3. Ihe hoard re-s'-rves the fight to any cr all bids. John A. Wiley," secretary.

U. S. ENGINEER OFFICE, Cincinnati. May 29, 1907. Sealed proposals fcr constructing dani of concrete, at head t.f Mariettx island, Ohio river, will received here until 12 Juno 23, 1307.

and then opened, cmat ion on application. Win. T. Eossell, Lt Engrs. LOST.

LOST Wednesday noon, cut out coin size cf balf dollar, smooth on one rid, easrie on ether. Fifth near Congres st. Liberal reward If returned to H. ave. LOST Potketbook, containing 521 arO other valuable i.pers, with nAine Hairy C.

Kaufman inscribed on irsld. Reward if returned to "Deak." Tn Gazette Times. LOST Larera bunch r.Z keys, either on Stratford. Penn. North Neg.ey.

or Hlthland park Reward of ti if deiivcrvd, Vi5 WstMssh bid. STOLEN Horse, dark lay. weight 1 pounds, June 2.. buggy and harness. Reward of $30 if returned to O.

A. Ka-ifma-'in, Callery Junction. Bctler. Pa. LOST liitmond stud on Flteairn 8Cnim5da-tion Reward.

Address 3, The Gczette Times. aptd ON rTNANCIAL PACE. A A IC OFFICIAL hiAD IT AND BOUGHT 13,006 SHARES. TUAX5FK ANI STORAGE. WHITE TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO do movliif arrd general hau'lag; vhen you need a wagon call up both,

DaciUi'ni way. The great and glorious Fourth of July. Independence Day, wid soon be here. Then is when people will he having1 a good tune with fireworks, cr golr.r to outings and ball games. What are you going to do? It makes no difference ho-v you send the day.

It will take a rdce sum of money to see you. through. But don't let that worty you. THERE'S LOTS OF CAsH HERE AT 6 PER CLN'T. h'ov eeeuiitv we accf-pi DIAMONDS, WATCHES.

JEWELRY, Clothing. Etc. We will lend you MONEY AT 6 PER CENT on your FURS AND SILVERWARE AND f-iTORE free. Investigate this it v. ill save you money.

CAPITAL Six Per Cent MARKET STREET LOAN Cor. Market St. and Third Ave. IN BUSINESS OVER D3 YEARS. titSii Loans iljuey.

Amount, at Fire end $5 Burglar Proof Ii Vauit? if for alua- Si ii six CENT3 SS tS cn the $5S TJ Dollar. SS "No 5S Ei- trns." 15 Private A SiSS SJjSS hies. St JOS, ROY Sons, Over ti Haifa Century in Same ST. Rooms. SSi i SS Si ti tH it Renewals t.

i FUire. No Lean Sigus. ti Payments. i mi OA-7 CtVIITlJCtir! CT JVi Ol II III! ILLL- mm SiS -opp. postofficc.

tMm NOTE COLD STORAGE ead Insur- ii Knee cgalnst fire iind motbs for ycur fi furs with a firm of furriers ii ii at NO EXTRA CHARGE. it SALARY LOANS. Keystone Finance Company, Bankers to Salaried People. S12 PITTSBURGH LIFE BU1LBINO. SrXTH AND LIBERTY.


130 PKN'X AVE. MONEY LOANED on household furniture without removal at the lowest rates, easiest payments; we alsa lean money to salaried of good character, holding permanent positions, poa their individual not security is, without UNION LOAN INSTITUTION. 431 Wood comer Diamond. Room 3i)5. laldpeopTe and others furnished money upon their own names without security; easy payments.

Offices la 60 principal cities. Save yourself money by getting my terms first. D. H. TOLMAN.

Rocmi 715 fill Penn ave. TRraiNlO.AiO. WILL KELP YOU. Will loan to saisri-jd people the amount cf money wanted without any security. Easy payments and no publicity to anyone.

Room 424. Pgh. Life cth st. and Linerty. MONEY loaned on household furniture, pianos, without removal; also on good co'latera! security; ee.s: payments; srictlv confidential.

THE SMITH-HADDOCK 413 Fourth Second Floor. MONEY on salaries, pianos and household furniture; reesonab'e. rates: strictly confidential. O'Dor-nfiii. room "47 Fifth ave.

KOTICES. NOTICE. TO el! perscr.s end corporations Interested in the navigation of ths Ohio river: Whereas, proper permission and authority has been given to the Kanawha Michigan Ka'U ay Company, to reconstruct the channel span of its brlflge across the Ohio river at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and whereas, the sold Kanawha Michigan Railway Company has complied with all preliminary requirements preparatory to tyit beginning of the work, therefore, notice Is hereby lven to all persons and corporations interested in the navigation of the Ohio river, that the work of reconstruction will oa the day of July. IK'7, and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible until completed, which will be within ninety days he work has begun, towlt. on or before the first day cf October.

1307. During ths pericl of reconstruction of channel span a above set forth, the main or present channrt cf river will be blocked with false work, end while so obstructed a temporary channel will be provided on the East on Point Pleasant side of the regular channel, and will be Indicate! by according to the regulation of the light hcufft department, and any obstructions dangerous to navigation will be lighted during the progiesa cf the work. The Kanawha Michigan Railway by W. MICHEL. Enr'r.

M. of 7. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. Please return certificates cf Colonial Tlotel Conipauy stock, common and preferred, for exchange into shares. J.

H. DIXON. Tra.urdr, Colonial Hotel Company And Annex Hotel Corrpieny. PATKXTS AXI PATENT ATTORKEXS. PATENTS, trade-marks.

labels, eoffrirtts. for my free bck "How To Get Them." Best serv e. Why not have ir? costs no more. Advice fre-j. Joshua R.

K. Potts, lawyer, SO Dearborn st. Chicago; SOS Ninth Washington. INVENTORS Have your models, metal patterns and general work done by the AXTHELM MFG. 2J3 Third ave.

Beli SCI Court. BOOK Fe-'R INVENTORS ailed on request. Parents and Tiade-Ma'-ks BE5IJ71R A POBB, Pat ant and Trade-Mark Lawyers, Baltic bldg Washington, D. C. H.

C. EVERT ft CO Attorneys. 108-S SmltbfeM Thaw buildir.f. ELECTION NOTICES. Bellevue Rfaity Sevtrgs ah3 Trust Co 440 Lin-join ave Bellevue, Pa.

STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING The regular eunuai sreeting cf the stockholders cf the Believue Realty Savings and TrtiSt Co. will he held In the t-w-nking hoase in Bellevue cn Thursday, Julv 11, between the hoars of and'j o'clock p- This mcetlr.g is to; the purpose of electing directors to serve for ths ensuir. year tr.i for tha tmr saction any other business that maj coma be for the stcsiktolders at tht time. RALPH Willi ElPHPOOy, S-4ctarv ar.i Treasurer. DASC1SQ M'DOUG ALL S.

Cralg-rorbes, Pittsburgh; 1 yVderal Ais'ieny; cc-en ali sanmer, -pn-vafe lessons every aiten a-m anl evening. LEGAL OTICJCS. ROBERT MAI-OXI1. Attorney-ki-Law, SOS Wy-li'a ave-, Pittsburgh, Pa. Not ce hereby g'-'en that aa appiicaiioti he been fH4 in th's office at No.

87. June sessions. 15v7, va Jure IW7. for the ttacsfer cf tbie retail jin-iAf ii-ene graiitd to Frank IX- Diettir.gjr t'S9 March aestilor.s. It07, fcr the pram-W situate at No.

11-3 Return Thirteenth Allegheny City, tc- Urek Jiolva. n.J tha wlU ba heard in th ro-i't of Ofr.ce of th COLONIAL TRUST COMPANY, Pittsburgh, Jur.e 17. The board of directors of this company has this day declared the regular quarterly dividend of TUBES PER CENT and a special dividend of ONE PER CENT, p.j able July I. 1907, to stockholders of record cf business June 26. Books will be' closed Juna 57 to ir.c'usive.

HOMER C. STi-V--ART Treasirer. F-att End Savtnga and Trust Comrai.j", Penn arts. Flasburgh. June 25 DIVIDEND The directoi-s of this company today declared the regular quarterly dividend oi ONE AND ONE-HALF 1,2) PER CENT on the rtocfe from out or the earsirgs of tho last three months, payable to stockholders of record June 'SI, 1807.

Jn July 1. Checks will 'be mailed. FA C. DUN LEVY. Treasurer.

Mai ror-oiitan N-illor! Rank. Cor. Forty-rtrst f.nd Butler Pittsburgh. June 1507. DIVIDEND- NO.

CS. At a meeUr.g of the board held this day, a quarterly dividend of TWO -2) PEii CENj' was declared out of the. earnings of the past three months, p-ayaHa ree of tax, on and after Jnlr 1. Checks vlll be mailed. GEO.

EEEBICK, Cashier. LAND TRUST COMPANY, 1' Fourth avenue. Pittsburgh, June C4, 1907. DIVIDEND The board of dirtors of Ciis coropanv have thU day declared a quarterly dividend of ONE (Vt PER CENT on the capita! siock, payable July 10, 1307. to stockholders of record July 1, Checks will be maiied.

WM, C. EIGLER, Secretary'. COMMON WE i ALT', rTRL'ST COMPANY OF PITTSBURGH. Pittsburgh. June II, 107.

QUARTERLY DIVIDEND NO. IS The board of director of this covrujany hns declared quarterly dividend of TWO (21 PER CENTUM on tha capital stock, payable July 1, 1907, to stockholders of record ut the close of busi-ksfs June 3-, Checks will be mailed. GEORGE D. EDWARDS. Secretary and BeUcvue Realty Savings Trust Bellevue Pa.

Juue 22, 1S07. DIVIDEND The board of directors of the Btlievue Realty Savings Trust Company has this day declared the reguisr quarterly dividend cf ONE AND ONE-HALF CUi) PER CENT, payable July 2, 1007. Checks will ha mailed. RALPH WITHERSPOON. Secretary and Treasurer.

OfiV-e of the NATIONAL FIRE PROOFING COMPANY. The board of directors of the, company at the regular meeting held this day declared a dividend of ONE PER CENTUM l1 on th preferred sijarcs of tha capital stock of th company, payable July 13, 1SW7, to stockholders of record juiv 1, 1907. C. G. JONES.

Secretary. Tho Federal National Bank. Pittsburgh, June -20. 19c7. DIVIDEND The board cf directors of tills bank has this day declared the regular quarterly 'dividend of TWO (2) PER CENT on the capital stock of the bank, payable July 1.

MOT, to stockholders of record at clos? nf business June 23, 1S07. Checks will he mailed. IT. M. LANDI3, Cashier.

The Union National Bark of Pittsburgh. June 26. liC7. DIVIDEND The beard of directors of this bank has thH dav declared a quarterly dividend cf TEN (10) PER CENTUM, on ths capital stock, payable free cf tax to shareholders of record at the close- of business June 3. Check will be mailed.

C. F. DEAN. Vice President and Cashier. Pennsylvania Savings Bank, Pittsburgh, June 27.

1307. DIVIDEND The board of directors of this bank has this dav declared a semi-annual clivi- dend of THREE (3 PER CENT, on the tal etock. out of the earnings of the last six months, payable July 1. Checks will ba mailed. GEO.

N. MORGAN, Cashier. UUARANT ittsbi'rgh. June 27, DIVIDEXD-The directors have this day declared a Quarterly dividend of TWO i PER CENT vipon th; capital stock, p.yable July 3507. 10 stcjt-ltholders record at the clos? of business June 1SC-7.

Checks will be maiiod. ALEXANDER DUNBAR. Secretary and Treasurer. DUQUESNE NATIONAL BANK. DIVIDEND The board of directors cf this, bank has this day declared a quarterly dividend cf THREE CO PSR CENT on the capital stock, payable July 1, 19C7, to stockholders of record June 28.

1907. Checks will be mailed. W. S. BINDER A N.

Cashier. WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY. Pittsburgh, June 19, DIVIDEND NO. h)2 The board of directrt of the Western Insurance Company have this day declared a acmi-annua! duddend cf THREE 3) PER CENT, payable July 3. 1907.

to stockholders cf record June S3. 13o7. Checks wiii be mailfd. D. DALLAS HARE.

Secretary. monong aiTela FATirTNAL bank! Pirtshiirsh. Pa. QUARTERLY" DIVIDEND The directors of this bank have declared a dividend of THREE 3) PER CENT on the capital stock out of the earnins-s of the past three months payable on and after July 1. Checks will be mnilcd.

JOHN I. FRASER. Cashier DIAMOND NATIONAL BANK, Pittsburgh, June 27. The directors of this bank h.vo today declared the repulnr quarterly dividend of FIVE PER CENT, payable out of the earnings of the pat thre months to stockholders of record Juno 23. Checks will Vie mailed I'.

C. OHIO VALLEY BANK OF ALLFWHT7NY. Allegheny, June 17, DIVIDEND The directors of this have this day declared a dividend of THKEE (3 PER CENT cn thx capital stock out of the earnings of six months ending June 30, payable July 1. Checks wlU he mailed. If.


BLACK CO'S ADD ON THE FINANCIAL PAGE. PERSONA 15. BATTLE CREEK TREATMENT METHODS Scientific applications of electricity, heat, light, water e-nd skllied manipulations for rheumatism, obesity. p-or circuiatinn, Mver, digestive and nervous troubles. Slu'i-So Publi cation bids-.

20S Nsntb st. E.lso Fifth and! Grant boulevard jlcvard, opp. Hotel Scher.ley. Bell Ir. and Mrs.

T. O. McCutchan. Mgrs. Phones.

Mr. ana ilrs. 1. u. ileoutcnan, Mgrs.

years at B. C. sanitarium. BROKEN WATCHES. Any watch repaired guaranteed for one for Sl.ef only.

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who will ps.y you the best prices. GiScOil, J10 Frankstown ave. Bell 'phone S5S7-L Highland; P. A. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Cash pf.ld for cast-oft garments.

Wrlta 3. Wald. 1SU. Webs'-er ave. Bell 'phone 1371 Grant.

JE A. 187 Main. COOPER Sc LEVY pay from 12 up to .0 for cast-off s'jtts. From C''-c to $2 for trousers. Write or cal II Penn ave.

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213 ave. AXTHELM MFG. 243 Sfd Court. LocktmUhlng on ahnrt notice. Doer checks repaired.

Prices racvlerite. $10 WILL buy barber chair, wasmdand, mirier. Call at 28 Snarcr, ave. In evening (Arlington cur). PEN DOCTOR Fountain, pens recsired while you vtiit.

22 Fifth ave. PERSONAL If you want Chiropractic address H-. Tba Ga-aette Tlms. CA LL HE I "xTlO- Ti'rsi nt. PITTS -BUB Gil CARPET CLEANING CO.

AN INWE'TiENT of i3.C0 will active v. orhing interest a large Pittsburgh letcanthe This Is cppjrtunl'T ''or No. 710 Ross Avenue, Wiikinsburg, Pa.t on Tuesday, July 23, 1907, at 10 A. The following goods, wares and merchandise, consigned to or stored in the names the following persons: P. R.

R. GOODS. Mrs. R. II.

Welsh, box. A. J. MoSor, fcbis. brick.

A. C. Barter, a pes. furniture. A.

Bethuine Paint turpentine and tar. W. SIngletca, 1 box sales tabltts. R- O. Scully, 1 case printed matter.

F. Lord, 1 refripeiator. E. S.

1 show cafe. A. B. Bewihicla, 1 bookrack. B.

D. Bu.rr, 1 bdl. wail paper. Ii F. Kuhn, 1 box, 1 crate.

C. W. Laughlin, 1 con E. paint. John A.

Murkle. 1 bale matts. A. Harris, crate adv. matter.

Miiton Sthradcr. 1 ransri, 1 bdl. pipe. Mrs. C.

Williams. 1 bdl. covers. Mrs. L.

Tobert, 1 box notions. Miss G. Bally, 1 curtain stretcher. C-eo. Zelgier, 1 box supplies.

Foil Laufter. 1 hot counter pads. S. A. McCv.tcheon, 1 bbl.

B. powder, N. B. Mexter, 1 mattress. J.

H. Sinmicriiian, 1 pkg. fittings. R. G.

Tingling, bti. bilck. Wlkg. Eiec. Supply 1 box, 1 case.

Penn Frar.kliu St. Ry. 4 bdls. braces, 1 keg bolts. Wlkg.

Cuvpet 1 bureau base. 1 stand, no mark; 1 bdl. left tor shipment, no mark. liiss Cievenger, 1 bdl. aciv.

matter. R. J. Downy, 1 sal. adv matter.

Jacou C. Miiler, 1 bdl. adv. matter. B.

Wilson, 1 tub. S. L. Smith, bbl. oil.

MISCELLANEOUS. A. T. McColm, 1 lot h. b.

goods. Geo. Mulander, 1 lot h. h. gocds.

Mrs. A. Worth, 1 lot h. h. gooas.

W. H. Glover, 1 box. H. Eliaw, 1 lot h.

h. srooils. II. McBride. 1 lot h.

h. goods. Brace Bros 1 bdl. carprt. MEGA HAN BROS.

S. M. MYERS. Attorney-at-Law. 1109 Park building, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Notice is hereby riven that an application will be to the governor of Pennsylvania on Monday. July 1907. by John Eder, Joseph Kder and S. M. Myers under an act of assembly entitled.

"An act to provide for the incorporation and regu lation of certain corporations," approved the 2lth dav of April, 1SJ4. and the supplements thereto, for the charter an intended corporation to be called the Euev Construction Company, the character and ohlect of which Is ths c.arrylne on and conducting- a general enKlneerink and construction business, including therein th dredging, constructing, emerging, repairing, removing or otherwise engaging in any work upon manufacturing pianU. bridces. piers, docks, mines, shafts, vstfr works, railroads, railway structures, buildlncs and all iron, r.teei. wood, masonry ana earth construction and extendinir and receiving any contracts or assignments cf contracts therefor cud relating thereto or-connected therewith, and the manufactory and fumishlnfr of the building materials and supplies connected therewith, and for this purpose to have, possess and enjoy all the rights ind privileges said act of assembly and supplements thereto.

S. M. Myers, solicitor. Office of THE UNION TRUST COMPANY OF PITTSBURGH. TRUSTEE, Pittsburgh.

Pa. For the purpose of using ti.e sinking fund in its possession under the made to tlils company as trustee by the Mhliand Coal Company, dated June 1301. tha -uaJersicmed will receive tenders for the sals to it of bonds of the Midland Company issu-d under said mortgage, not exceeding tn the aggregate twelve thousand three hundred one and 3 P3th dollars. Such tenders, to be in writing, shall state the number cf bonds proposed to be Eoid, and the price at which the same are tendered for sale. All such tenders must he received at the" office cf this company on or before Monday, July 1.


319 Frick builolnK. Notice is hereby givta that an application will te made to ths governor of Pennsylvania or. Monday, the 8th day of July, IlW, by Myer Cohn, Harry Cehn and E. Zaoharias, under the act of assembly entitled "An act to provide fcr the ir.ccrpora-tion an! regulation of certain approved April 29. and the supplements thereto, for tha charter of an intended corporation to be Liberty Amusement Company, the character and rbject cf -wrlch is establishing and maintaining a theater or theaters and "a like place or place3 of public amusement and entertainment, and for these purposes to have, possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of said act of I i sscmbly and supplements thereto.

Diamond Zaeharia.3. solicitors. PRESTLEY NESBIT. Attcrneys-at-Law. No 51 St.

Nicholas building, Pittsburgh, Fa. NOTICE. To the Stockholders of the German Budding and Loan Association cf Ctartiers Borough Carnegie). You are hereby notified thet a n.eetipg of the stockholde'-s cf the above-entitled association will be held Thursday, August 15. 13(17.

a 8 p. at the office of the company. Ncs. 1 and Main street, Carnegie. for the purpose of taking action on approval or disapproval of the proposed Increase of the capital stock of said association from SLOOO.OOO

WM, F. SOSSONG. Secretary. TRniBLE CH ALP ANT. Attorneys-at-Lawj No 175 Frick Bldg.

Annex, Plftsbargh. Ta. i Notice is hereby given that letters of admlnis- I tration on the estate or Michael JamSeson, a-i-' cesed. late of Allegheny, Aileghenv county, "have been granted to the undersigned, to Whom ail persons i saia tKiua ar reaueetc-d to make immediate payment, and these having claims or demands against the same wiil make them known without delay. Manchester Savings Bank end Trvst No.

1312 Beaver avenue, Allegheny. Pa. J. C. BOYER.

Attorney-at-Law, No. 44 Frick budding annex, Pittsburgh, Pa, Notice is hereby given thst letters testamentary on the estate of Peter K. Beyer, deceased, iat of Pittsburgh, Allegheny county, have Ien granted to the undersigned, to whom ali persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will make them known without Roberta R. Boyer, Anna L. Boyer, executrixes, Carnegie, R.

F. D. No. 1. Allegheny county.

Pa, PRESTLEY NESBIT, El SL Nicholas building, Flitsburgh, Pa, Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the eMftte of Martha A. Fisher, deceased, late of North Fayette township, Allegheny county, have been granted to the unders Isjned, to whom all persons Indebted to said est sue are requested to make immediate payment, and these having claims cr demands against the same will make them known v. ithout delay. John S. Fisher, hd-niinistrator, Imperial, F.

I. No. 1, AJie-gheny Fa. GEORGE P. MURRAY.

Attorney at-Law. No! 9('5-S07 Berger building, Pittsburgh, Pit. Notice 3 is hereby given that letters of administration I on the estate of John Salnorls. late i of South Fayette township, Allegheny county, i have been granted to the undersigned, "to waom an persons uiuetiiea to aaia estate su requested to make immediate payment, ar.d thosa having claims or demaols against the ss.rne will make therw kaown without riolay. Stanislaus Salnorls, administrator, Morgan, Aiieghery Pa.

JOHN S. KOBB, Attomey-at-Iw, No. 120 Berger building, Pittsburgh. Pa. Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary cn tha estate of Edward Aston, deceased, lata of Eillott borough, Allegheny county, have been granted to the undersigned, to wbcm ali persons indebted to said estate tre re-j jested to make immediate payment, and thooe having claims or demands ajrainst the same will maka them known without delay.

Lelia. E. Aston, executrix. No. 37 He-schel Pittsburgh.

Pa. GEORGE SUTTER. E24 Fourth PPts'ourgh, P- Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary cn the estate of Jacob Otr, deceased, late of Pittsburgh, Allegheny county, have beea granted to the trr.dersigned. to whom all persons indebted ta said esiata are requested to mat immediate ptymeat and those having claims or demands P.gaint the sune wili raake taetn known wanout delay. Katherlne C'tt.

cxetsu-trix. No. 119 S. SUteenth Pittsburgh. Pa.

II. R. PHILLIPS" No. 4U Grant street. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Notice hereby givsn thdt letters cf adrainisiratlon cn the estate of Marion W. Boyd, deceased, late of GreetUe borough. comity, hava bf-en franted to tha undTBignel to whom all persons Indebted to said estate are re-duested to make immediate payment, aril those havingr claims or defnar.ds egttinst tha same will make them known without delay. Flora. M.

Boyd, sdminist-atrlx. Carnela. Allegheny cennty. Fa. TRIMBLE CHALFAN'T, Attonieys-at-Law Ko.

1765 Frick building annex. Pittsburgh, p. Notice is brcrby given that tetters of a'minis-t ration on the estaie of Sarah J. Stuart or Stawert. deceased.

Sales cf Pittsburgh. Allegheny cot-nty. have bec3 gtacted to the ua-Crsigied, to whort ail persons indebted to said. estaf are requested to tcilta a to end these having or demands arilnst the nam wlli make them known dflay. Iemnel V.

Rockwell. No. tiS5 Mcnticella street, Pittsburcb, Pa. 43 Bellevue 405 R. Seville Avenue.

Bus'ncf Opportusftles. OEVERAh MKRCHANDTSS STORE Old es-tabliPbed fino; sales year; on Cleveland Pittsburgh ral'road; gd. Uvciy town: seven tire brick and sewer pipe manufactories: good farming trade; stock -will Invoice about StO.OPP; trms cash; will give, some time on buiidings or rent, came; have also lumber yard and furniture sore for will sell in connection, itfr tnerchandlse or separate. For further Information write James Stone's Sons, Umpire, Ohio. TOBACCO AND NEWS DEPOT.

Centrally located, -on Federal Allegheny, near park, carrying a complete stock of To-baceoea and notions, cscency for ail daily papers and magazines, good laundry agency; business will average $300 per month, all cash; in order to settle an estate raust be soid; a rare bargain at $0 BOUT PITT REALTY Fark bldg. FOR SALE No. 4 Star drilling machine, or wou'l exchange for water well machine if hi g-X'd condition. W. R.

Cunningham, Enon Valley, Pa. R. F. D. No.



W. Western Electric generators duect connected to Two 60-H. B. Tortlcal doubie cylinder gas engines. Self lubricating, practically new.

Starting tank and compressor. This 13 a fine, modern outfit. In duplicate, and s'jltabie for mill, factory or office WICKE3 BROTHERS. 117 end B9 Fourth ave. and Forty-fifth et, and A.

V. Pittsburgh. FOR SALE Rollers and engines ail eiies, from to 125 H. stationary and portable uprlgiit boilers and engines; large assortment kept In 8tr.k, shafting, pulieys and hangers, lot misrp'lanecus machinery, second-hind boilers, leather sn 1 rubber, large stoclc of all y-nds at U)W prices; machinery of all ki.tds bought and exchanged. JOHN S.

YOUNG 108-110 Park way, Allegheny, Fa. FOR SALE One WVstinghouse compressor, locomotive type, 7'sx- T) cn. Inches free sir K-r r.tinutc. condition; bable 'j Kulfon Bldg. OAS ENGINES and woodworking macidnry.

new and -ond-hand. Have us do your re-pairlrg. BP.IGGS MACHINERY 238 iW-cnd ave. irf-JT-ilB OH r.l'T Gas Ecgine, running at S13 First ave. SttMfia at the top GAS ENGINE Two-horse.

24'! St. See in operettcn. BARGAINS IN SAFE5 PRAOER. 7 Market St. Come, look, buy.

Poultry. Birds and Iob. HIGH BRED, farm-raised. Scotch col He pups, gni-id individuals; at I ages; perfect lv sound and healthy; companions and guard -I lars; Bostcn' bi'i's Frencn poodles, fox ter-I rie-B. coach pup's; NrO FLEAS WHERE FOX'S FLEA SOAP IS USED.

Everythlrff In pete Fox's Pet Shoi S4i-347 Oliver ave. nd Smlthneld Et. FOR SALE Three trained tr.e tittlr.ed pointer; fine workers; Scotch puppies. J. N.

Shields, Baxter, Vu. HILLTOP Kennels take dofts and cats to Icard. Stucky, 115 Luther Mr. Oliver. PErjIG'tEED Coble pups; fins as silk.

Nel son's. Grove City, Pa. Musical FOR SALE Absolutely new piano at a bargain to rjuick purchaser. Phono S241-J t4M KRAKAUER upriKht piano, cheap. 12 North Diamond, west, Allegheny.

Automobile. AUTOMOBILES First, largest and school In the city wiii tach you to run, re air or make automobiles; six weeks for f3'5; day or eight practice; license guaranteed; we ere the school giving actual practice in running and repairing. Call or write Aut omobl!" Trar.s-pirutlon ir-'f, Penn E. E. Sewing Machices.

SECOND-HAND SEWING MACHINES. DIG BARGAINS TO THOSE WHO BUY THIS WEE1C CARTER SEWING MACHINE .131 Sixth next to Bijou Theater. Ifornes 7td Tehlcles. V.y. SALE A got.l rid! r.g horse; reasonable W.

I. 424 Erl bldg. I'Oli ALE he-v. draught and one. Stable refr of Hc.lei Linccdn.

j-ui; ti.n. l-ALE-A i-ntonorr Stanh g-od conditio TcEton Wilki sfjurg all the rights, benefits and privileges of said act of assembly, and supplements thereto. R. R. Elder, Solicitor.

H. Q. WALKER. Attorney-at-iaw, Eakeweli building. Ptvlsburgh, pa.

Clerk's N'otics In Banukruptcy. Tn the dietriot court of Cue United State3 for the Western district -of John Andrew Mc.Ca.Terty c-f Behevue, Allegheny county. PsnnsyJvanla, a bai.krupt ucder act of congress of July I. 18s, having apphed for a full dlschargo from all debts provabi agilnst his estat? under said act, ijctlc Is hereby given to ad knrwn creditors and other persons In interest tt apjicar before the court at Pltishurgh in said di5trk-t, on the 2Cth of Li7, et PI o'clock in ths forenoon, to sh'-w cau, if any they have. w)y th5 prayer c-f the said petitioner not be eramcd WILLIAM T.

LINDSAY. Ciet Sc. ROMERS, BLAKELEY CAIA'SPt! EARLE P. CARMAN, Attorneys-at-lav ISO. Frick building annex, Pittsburgh.

Notics i hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of Andy Butkoa-akt 4t ceased, late of Homestead, Allegheny county. 'have been granted to the undersigned." to whom cd persons indebted to said estate 'are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands aeubut the -same. make tbem Vtnbwn without delay.' B-r-kowtkl. Administratrix, 404 Dixon street.

Pa, REED. SMITH SHAW BEAU At rrev-et-law, 1027 Carnegie buihilng, pltisbufh. Estate of John Ken worthy, deceased. Notice is herbv giveit that letters testamentary on the es'ate of John Kenworthy, dececsd. Iat of OakmonC Aliecheny court y.

PennsTtvanja! have been granted to the undersigned, ta wh-rti ail persons Indebted to said estate sre requested to make Immediate payment and tiif havhix claims or 'demands against the same will make them known without delay. Eiiz-beth Kenworthy. executrix. 4S17 Llhci ly ave-cue. Pittsburgh.

MILLIKEN CRAUMEP Attorney s-at-Lw, No, 411 Grant street. Pittsburgh, i i. Notice is nereoy given that letters of e.dmiaistrtlon oil the estate of John KnoWit'c, tleC'-assl. late of Allegheny city, Allegheny couiity. ha-.

besa granted to the undersigned, to wbi-r all persons Indebted to said estate are requited to make immediate payment, and tlua ha.ina-claims or demands against th; same n.ak them known without delay. Manchester Savings Bank and Trust Company, anlnlct.a-tor, No. 131? Braver avenue, Alieghsny. Pa. WILLIAMS EDWARDS.

No. 425 Diamond strejt. ruttstUigh. Fa. h'rtc is hereby given that letters of aritrdmetration on the estate of William K.

Lutx, dec, late of borough of Homestead, Allegheny county, have beer, granted to the unlersitncL to whom all persons indebted to said estate are requested tc immediate pavtnent, end those hovltig'cialms or demand against the same will make them known wuiiout Sarah Lutr, administratrix, iff. Z19 Thirteenth avenue. Homestead. G. C.

BRADStlAW, N-J! Jril Frick building annsi, Pittsburgh, l'a. Notlra is hereby given that ancillary letters uf administration on the estate of Cbarle deceased, lata of t-an lavs been granted to thx tin de-slgntd. to ail persons indebted to said etate are rquests-l to Kiake immediate payment. and having claims cr demands against the saue will make them known -without delay. George C.

Bradshaw. ancillary admlntetrator. A'o. Uoi Frick building annex, Pittsburgh, Pa. iot5RlfEA 57 A t'K-ys-atLawT So! I2T Bakewell building, Pittsburgh, i'a.

Nct'cs 13 hereby given that letters -J on the Dora Drown Mead. ceoea-3, Inte of -Aiieghery City. Aiicgfceny county. uav been gianted the undersigned, to whom ail persons indebted to said esude are to make immediate paymeht. and these having claims or demands agalnn the earn will ahe them kiowrt wi'hout I.

Ack-crly, admin istri tor. No. 32 Library p-acs, Aliegheny. Pa. wTsiIERT DICKEY! Att.jrr.eys-at-Lp,w", No.

484 Diamond etrert, Pa, Notice is heraay given that letters cf adtnis tration en ths estate of Wij'iam McK.own. late cf Pittsburgh, AJle.y.any county, bave granted to tha ur.dere'.gped, to whom persoas tcdehted eeld este.te ar requested to make imaiediata rayi.icnt, end those haying cifi-ims or CKE.ii; cb eama win make them known without delay. J. B. MrXnwa, e.drrir.istrator.

Psop.3 Saving- Ban Pittsburgh. Pa. Vv" W. CAHPEELIj. Attorpaat-Iaw.

Sl Bakewell bui'diig. Pittsburgh. Pa, Ncttc Is herebv sriven that letters ct sdmirditra-lon cn ths estate of Herni.n deceased, iaa of Allerhenv eouny. heve teen granted io th understsmed. to whom all petsoua inebtsd to said estate recjuested meke Iraraediata ani taos havln cliln ir deraa.n-? aea'rst "ha svme Tilt make thni kuown a-ith-out dfley.

J. P. MeKea. edministrator. iU, Bakewell pjtfbunrh.

Pa. NOTICE is httiesr given that letters Usti-ruentar' on tiio estate V. illiana H. Co-jk. deceased, of Realm borough.

Allegherr county, have teen granted to the X3 whom all parsons icdebtel to hull titts nm reaaesied to mike immediate paysaect. fa-nd, those having ciaims or deman5" the name veni raxe taem Known wiino H. crrinca, executor, Zii Rctect aer.u, Wilirinsburg, Ps McKENNA, Attorneys-at-Law, Vi. 433 FIB a avetiue. Plttsbv.rph, Pa, 1 hereby given that loiters ct the estate cf Peter Sullivan, deceased, lata of Plttsbcrgh- Alifgheny bave bea gracted to the unders-rced.

to wh rm all persons indebted to eatl earate are tc make isr-nedlate rayjnert. ard thus hit nr clalnis Tin make tlini known -without delav. F-Jwsrd L. Sulliv vO. Executor.

Ko, 424 First ttvasua. Plttsbcrgi. Pa. THOMAS "vY. NEEI.Y.

Atiorney-at-1 w. I 'ark Notice ts hereby jrl thxt letters testamentary on the stst of Stf eszcl. dcp.sed. lale of bcToitph. Allegheny bave hen srranrs-d to the sndersiHrced, to whom ft'l pernors Ltdefcted 3atd state art roche ismnediar payment, ar.d those claims or rtcianca apairt the san- meke tl em kr.wn with, out delay.


Telephone 567 Court. Corner Lincoln and A. REAL SACK! MCE SALE. Lot iiOiHO, trvt Fved, all i5fl and paid for -cd buildings surrounding-; riust tin so'd slth r. in day: price, irr frrnt this lot is 5 rnffiute?" r.t the c.iTier -if Fifth r.r.,1 aiid a barpaln.

For further information see GEORGE Cc-lairiiis, BuHding1. S4 Fourth ave. Fhor.e PS Coart. DO TOP CAKS WHE.RB TOt'R IIGMK IS? course you -h. It ou car for th wel-f-ire of your family.

EnvironmeTit count for to much in the tk.t. of a homesit. That is wh ou t-j jfaifn O-II-V-L-R F-L-A-C-E, I A before Laying a lot cr. which to a in, ma. In urging tnis presume that v'i are one Tvh ant3 a in a ftrt-clas for first-cjaaa lArm lot? -with ail city improvements rd attracttvaCK at to $75 a front foot.

A ESTATls THTST 1. I a GENT. Sit ave. Bwions Ci-rMrt unities, HOTEL. Ortn-half cxsb, buys KoorJ crmmercia! hotl in g'j-d live tuvtn.

located in good brick h'iiiSlitg of ll rooms; and w'l hotel bar d-je business of L'-r; wife 's health reason iur this ttacri-live. S. V. THOMPSON- rtck r. n-th and Wood.

ANT 13 KG A 1 I ViO. fAURAXT AND LUNCH Ora in t're country ii'-pot; open all night; doing v.itii very low e'Tnses prennt i-f-8 a fortune hire hi )'. years; IT'. JAW. MCRTHA CO S'3 Times Mdg.

TNVESTVKKT of Z.r vi'A secure nn vcrUiog in a l'ltbnrgh house. This 1 an opportunity for i'lfl' to Increase income v.dtbaut li-with h's occupation. A3-11 SI. The Jt AN ri tnrf; iSrec REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.

Var.Ted. lrtaer in tbs renl and; established 9 year; rood jir.e fc tix iuoj; goiJ chance a ynung Price t-50. Audreys 2, 1 G-oiIj Times. HOTEL. Perns! Ivcria town of 25.

business olmr. I per year; real snte, famishment I CHAP. LBS W. TURNER. fi Fourth Third Floor Fran.

A PROSPEROUS eticcftssful manufacturing co ny that has just lately ''rated will ectl a. t.mail amount trem-'jry d'-ck ty ptirpoe and guars u-t'-c lo f.r cent Address The O-Xitertc, Tim-s. "si da" a 7 tTpactor Tre piar is cjuipped veo'fniner iro4-and doing the business of the city; rc.t ian ear Address Chas. E. Sarn-TAh 31 Ht Yo'irgf' vn.

Ohio. STORE In suburnan manuf iciuring to ir, of Cil irdr.uie.-! fc-'-rr, I'lttrhurgh ly ra.l; no -ret 'avs to city. Irle $4 0(r. f-ir sebtnv. i.utfeS'ie Interests.

Writ a T-e Times. top SALE (Jcttlinr works, sa'oon ond ale in tfcirb- ri'v, crrtaidL'hHi 17 years. trwY maker, pr ishes to retire, wlli ta two months with purchaser; good Address S3, The Gazette Tl.nea. flRf'-TKRY" AND FRUIT STORE In olisked 10 years, doing busline 'Vi eck; chi'tp rent, great hers in; prW CAVANAG1I 42i Fourth ace. A GROCERY ETOUE.

doing busi. JJ'M hojse and wag'jn. For furtr-ar in fs; -nation address Ni-'-oiaa Deppuoar, 10. 45th OF ALL KIND QUICKLY HOLD for throuffh oir ageacy. B.

FAULKNER A CO, IN'CD, Zllh f.ocr. Arrott Fourth ave. and Wcod st. YOU 'want tc buy or sell any kind of a tuir.s2, see us. L.

ROWAN I 4'A Keystcnn 324 Fourth ave. tv C3n your i.onu, business or fa.rm fcr "--'(. K-e us befr re la tng elsewhere. FORT M7T REALTY CO IT. 4 urk bidg.

TVi' Frinting new outfit; will a ta-ilii 't sold within a weelr. Ad-ile S2, The 0rtM Times. SALE On acocunt of an nieicltatidlso brolrerage business. A.Cd:a S3, The Gsaette Times. 1 SALE Barber she p.

Pom eve. same Iocs jo years; rae, hai'a'it to wart to bir cr sn aiiv kind of bus- to U'AN'AdH 431 Fourth ave. LE 1 HflAl' 1 BL.AC ADD ON FINANCIAL PA IE. 1 i i ouar'cr hkIohs cf Aliefhcr-v county, on Safar-hustler to increas Income without tt- day, Jwl.v iH7. at o'UccK a.

or as erfenrs with his occapttion. id- thereafter as may be c-rrvemtr to the ress id SI. Th Gazetta Timos. 0 Vt. Wliiiatn Ix-d is, Cie'lt of Courts.

ten. ft dr.

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